Raybad Energy Pazh (REPco) is an independent Engineering and Development Company with an oil and gas focused asset base. Headquartered in Mashhad, Iran we lead the industry with our most expert engineers and staff for manufacturing, sourcing, procurement of equipment and material for various projects. Our R&D team prospect is design and development of high-Tech rotating machines and process packages.

As a competitive company, with a strong, responsible plan to create long-term value we’ve been working to improve every aspect of our company. With a clear set of objectives and an matched leadership team, REPco has embarked on an aggressive plan to empower our people, engage our communities and ensure our success.

Committed to supply a complete range of oil and gas equipment at the best prices we ensure you receive quality oil and gas equipment and parts by manufacturing to International standards, with strict production monitoring and quality control. As a supplier of equipment and spares to industrial and energy sectors REPco offers technologically superior and cost effective turnkey manufacturing and procurement solutions in the Middle East at large.


At Raybad Energy, we not only work in our core areas of business, we live there too. We believe our ability to operate depends on our reputation, including responsibility to all our clients, conducting our company with integrity, and operating in a cost-efficient manner that protects our market alive!

We stand committed to all our clients to adhere to our core values—demonstrating integrity and trustworthiness in our market and throughout all of our business activities. We have a vested interest in our shared long-term success and that means ensuring transparency and delivering shareholder value.


  • Strategic cooperation with international firms and providing international joint ventures in order to Technology transfer and manufacturing process packages in Iran
  • To be the customer’s ‘first preference’ partner as the supplier of quality products and services for the oil and gas and hospitality industry in the Middle East.



  • To establish long standing relationship with customers and partners based on professional excellence, commitment to quality, service standards and a concern for the community.



  • Commitment to science-based and innovative business models.
  • As a business enterprise REPco will always be driven by customer aspirations, focused on exceeding their expectations and inspired by values such as integrity, quality, reliability and social responsibility.

Industries Served

REPco manufacturing strives to keep their customers satisfied by providing quality services on a consistent basis. All of our vendors are on their approved vendor’s list (AVL) and are audited periodically in accordance with REPco’s quality assurance manual. By using quality outside suppliers, we have no problem supplying finished, turnkey products to customers on time.