The Next Generation Engineering & Development Company

Raybad Energy Pazh (REPco) is an independent Engineering and Development Company with an oil and gas focused asset base. Headquartered in Mashhad, Iran we lead the industry with our most expert engineers and staff for manufacturing, sourcing, procurement of equipment and material for various projects. Our R&D team prospect is design and development of high-Tech rotating machines and process packages.
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The Next Generation Engineerig & Development Company

Our management team works to provide satisfaction for all parties, whatever the goal, and to do so in a way that combines efficiency with value, competence, and profitability. Our unique collaboration with academic members and expert executive managers helps us to create value through structured solutions for clients and end users, both.
Our engineering team at REPco provides comprehensive engineering solutions in and across diverse technological fields for our customers. We also offer flexibility through contract, consulting, or scope-of-work based service arrangements that few other engineering teams can provide. REPco is a flexible team of adept engineers, specializing in product development, machine design, and engineering consultation. Our team members have backgrounds in advanced R&D, electro-mechanical design, and advanced manufacturing methods.
Our reputation and relationships allow us to minimize disruption and risk to supply chains, to increase access to well-known manufacturing capabilities, and to improve overall efficiency through the supply chain in bringing goods to market. The Supply Chain department manages the entire supply chain of all our production sites and operates as a core support function. As experts in exceptional routing and emergencies, they work on a just-in-time basis while paying attention to operating needs so that all together, we make sure that every project we undertake is successful.
Our team is committed to assist you during the startup and operation process of rotating and process equipment. We can give on-site training, we can help you with troubleshooting techniques. We offer you product support post production and installation on and offshore sites.